About Beach Cruiser Bikes

By now you've seen or heard of a cruiser bike, and maybe you're interested in purchasing one for yourself.
Beach cruisers are great bikes for people looking to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the scenery around them.

Reasons to buy a beach cruiser

Just For The Ride

If you've never ridden a beach cruiser, you'll find it's an amazing experience. Although they're called beach cruisers bikes, they can be ridden almost anywhere. Like its name, a cruiser bike is for cruising and enjoying the ride, not for speed riding or mountain biking.

Choose Your Style

Beach cruisers are made to fit everyone. They come in different sizes for men women and children and are available in single speed, 3 speed, and even 7 speed versions. You can find a beach cruiser in just about every single color you can think of to fit your personality.

For Your Comfort

These bikes were designed for comfort and smooth riding. They have wide handle bars, a large cushy bike seat, an upright riding position, and large balloon tires. The frame of the bike provides you with excellent balance so that you can cruise along wherever you are.

Accessorizing It

There are lots of great accessories available to customize beach cruisers. These accessories can add style to your bike such as fenders, baskets, bells, lights, and reflectors. There's also bike covers, car mounting racks, child carrier attachments and a whole lot more.

You can make getting from point A to point B an enjoyable experience with a beach cruiser bike. Visit your local bike shop today on go to an online bike retailer to find the perfect cruiser bike that's right for you. Most online retailers offer special discounts, free shipping, and an excellent return policy.